Monday, January 24, 2011

Sleepy Sundays

I so badly need to remember to carry my camera with me at all times these days.
I think that every post deserves a picture that captures the moment (blogging 101, by Me)
How can I capture the beauty and joy of greeting the Sunday sun on Muizenberg beach without a photo of the grrrlz fascinated by sea snails in the surf, or the moon setting behind the mountains. I would be less inclined to share a photo of the dead seal half buried by kelp washed ashore.
It's difficult enough to capture the delicious aromas of sublime pastries and wonderful coffee to be had at Knead on the beach front, but without a photograph of the fabulous over-the-top Art Deco architecture that surrounds it is tricky to convey the charisma of this bustling bakery which shares a space with the Roxy surf shop - of course now the girls and I want to take surfing lessons!
It truly was a magical morning that made their original request to watch the Sunday cartoons fade to echoes of nothingness.
We closed the day with one of my rare visits to Church - now there's subject matter for a post or 65 - where for some reason they have taken to allowing unconfirmed 'minors' to take communion. This was an interesting enough experience, but I found myself choking on giggles at almost telling T1 to chew 'the body of Christ' with her mouth closed... I really must ask the minister if Methodists have something against wholegrain bread for communion.
Right, I am exhausted and babbling - but wanted to maintain momentum. And show off the fact that I have figured out how to insert hyperlinks.


Fioleta said...

The beauty of your posts is that you are able to create a picture (at least in my mind) by using words alone.

Alan said...

If (as you said earlier), you are blogging to improve as a writer, then photos are a coppout. On the other hand, I'd love to see them. My imaginator is getting old and corroded by TV.

Loved the discriptions and the links.

You were brave to even touch the church topic. We hear a lot about the "Peace of the Lord" (which my brain automaticly misinturprats as "piece" and I have to wonder which one...) and the exclusiveness of the Eucharist. Makes it hard to invite Others to join the "celebration".


Pen+Ink said...

Peas of the Lord?
Your profession colours my interpretation...