Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bloggers Anonymous...

Hello, my name is P and I am a blogger.
This is only somewhat funny.
I have missed a whole three days away from The Machine only to come back to it to see that I have a whole day's worth of reading to do do catch up on the lives of people I have never met and had never even heard of before I started following their blogs. Isn't that sanctioned stalking?
I have also become twitchy and grumpy at not having shared my super fun two days of actually living life with all and sundry.
Well actually not. I do know it's only the two of you reading this...
I will write about my days in The Real World later.
Now I will go and collect my Real daughter from her first day at school.
This responsible act will somehow convince me that I do not have a problem.


Fioleta said...

You are obviously not addicted enough if you managed to have TWO fun days in the real world with the real people :-)

Alan said...

virtual life has it's advantages. You can make yourself invisable, or only share the glimpses you wish. Much less messy than the real world.