Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Disappearing Act

While taking a moment to check blog activity, so as not to run screaming from my office and scaring the children, I noticed that my last post was the day before school started.
Just so you know, if anyone meanders by this way, I have not been abducted by little grey men or run off to join the circus. I have simply been sucked into the whirlpool of the school term.
Gaia is going from strength to strength, my only major concern at the moment being our bursary fund, so if anyone hits the lotto or would like to spend their grocery money sponsoring a child in dire need of a good education drop me a line.
I have also been attending the local Waldorf teacher training college in the evening and hope to be a qualified Waldorf kindergarten teacher in three years. Its great to be getting some insight into Anthroposophical subjects that I have been grappling with for nearly ten years. And this Saturday I got to make my own knitting needles. From scratch. I kid you not. Maybe next week I'll relearn how to cast on!
The pre-election insanity has got off to a nice relaxed start with a pretty clever television campaign by our local bigamist misogynist representative. Can you tell who I'll NOT be voting for? But I'm still waiting for the real juicy stuff to start.
Autumn seems to be in air, I've had to keep my shoes on all week :) And I noticed a few leaves twirling in the breeze as they drifted from the trees as I sat in traffic on Monday.

Right, back to the chaos... or maybe the kitchen. Coffee is still a weakness.


Barbee' said...

Mmmm, coffee... good plan. Glad to find you are up and running as usual, packing in a lot each day.

Alan said...

Hey Pen,

Good to see you back. Hope it becomes a habit. Send me some details on sponsorships. The kids are looking for some project along those lines.

Pen+Ink said...

That is wonderful news.
Please take a look at our website This is a work in progress for me, in the past people just made donations to the bursary fund (which is also more than welcome) but we think it would be nice for people to make a direct connection with one person that their contribution is making the world of difference to.

Earth Walker said...

Count me (and the Scotsman) in for continued support. You’re doing great things, there at Gaia Pen. Apologies for my unusually prolonged silence, I have been distracted by a visit to a much credit crunched UK. Speak soon.