Monday, November 17, 2008

Cartwheels and Blogging

To my more experienced blogging friends I pose this question:
Is it preferable to wait for the unlikely convergence of free time, inspiration and sleeping toddlers to create The Perfect Post, or does one just dash off a bit of news?
I wonder.
I ask because I am sitting up in the study clutching a sleeping T2 in my right arm while I try to make contact with the world out there. I could take her down to her bed, but then might never make it back. And yet I feel my shoulder pulling slowly out of its socket as I type...

I really wanted to write something deep and meaningful about the lessons I am learning from my daughters (T1 did her first cartwheel and handstand this weekend). About how perseverance really does pay off - I have never seen someone who was not put off by doing a bazillion terrible non-handstands! And how our acceptance of failure is often all that stands between us and success.

Oh, and I also wanted to write about our visit to Kirstenbosch Gardens (imagine I was advanced enough to insert a link here) where said cartwheel was performed and how it is one of the best places in the world for children of all ages. There is grass, there is shade, there is a stream... It really is heaven (imagine I have downloaded photos from our camera in six months...). And next month the Sunset concerts begin.

But that will all have to wait until... Well, as Mr Roberts would say: "The cows come home".


Alan said...

You ask a good question Grasshopper. You are now on the path to enlightenment.

If you blog to connect with people and share glimpses of your world then you should write every day, or as often as you can spare 2 minutes. The brilliance will show through in a cumulative way, and the habit of writing often will put you at the keyboard when the time and the brilliance coincide.

If you write to showcase your brilliance you can write when you have time. You won't get many readers and you wont build a community, but you will be brilliant.

I try, mostly unsuccessfully, to write daily. My last post about chasing a black cow through the pitch black night wasn't brilliant, or even that well written, but it was what happened in my day, a glimpse at my rather weird life. Those are the little things that create the story, but you forget them if you wait for the time to write a brilliant post on an important topic. Keep a list of things you want to explore in more depth when you have time and do it when you have time. But share you life, your humor, and your perspective often, so you have readers and so your readers have an idea of where you are coming from when you get brilliant.

WOW! That was a lot of yakking for a comment.

Sheria said...

I think that Alan has answered your query quite well. I don't write every day, but it isn't because I write to showcase any brilliance, it's because my job involves a great deal of writing and there are days when I don't have any words left. I aim for at minimum one entry per week and I am thrilled when I actually write more often. Do what feels good.

Barbee' said...

My posting is sporadic. I will go for a few weeks with nothing new, then do two or three all close together. I know that is not good, but it is what I am able to do for various reasons. Changing the subject: Do you want help learning to put links in your posts? If so, reply here. If not, onward and forward...

Fioleta said...

I read somewhere advice to post regularly: not necessary every day, but say every Tuesday. Despite thinking that it is a good advice, my own blogging is all over the place.

For me The Perfect Posts (or something approaching some balance of perfection) only happens if I quickly jolt my thoughts down and when go through few cycles of reviewing and re-writeing them over few days/weeks. Lately (like for last 6 months) I'm too tired to try to express my thoughts and feelings with any degree intelligence, so I just dash off a bit of news.

Hope you'll figure out whatever works for you.