Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Mania

I am notorious for avoiding anything political (well, except for my fervent support for Hellen Zille), especially when all the information we get is filtered through The Media who have an agenda of their own, mostly to do with their turnover I'm sure.

But it has been impossible not to notice this weeks election in the US. Last night there was a show on television comparing Obama and Palin - the bias was so obvious as to be amusing. I'm not really that clued up, but I thought she was the vice presidential candidate, so I'm not sure why it wasn't McCain up on the screen. Oh well bear of little brain that I am I wouldn't dream of questioning the PR geniuses that must be masterminding these campaigns.
I found it quite entertaining and there was actually some very interesting information on the beauty queen and the professor and I'll be curious to see who the "American" public vote for.

The line that caught my attention was a quote of Obama; whether accurate, true etc or not I wont even speculate. But it went something like this: "Of course I inhaled, frequently - that was the point."

My vote, if I had one, would go to Mr O.


Alan said...

Good to see you back.

Apparently even we dumb Americans can get it right once in a while!

I cast my extra vote for you.

Missed your comments in the discussion on Lessons

Earth Walker said...

Observations from the land of the "wet"...

The election got the children really interested in Politics, which is encouraging.

and when might we expect South Africa to be ready to elect a white President!