Friday, November 21, 2008

Cupcake Kit

I just had a brilliant idea!!!
I get excited because they are infrequent these days!

T1 was invited to a friend's sister's birthday party - she is turning 8. A realm of big-girlness that I have not yet had to deal with. I was trying and trying to think of something to give as a gift that would be suitably creative - but still fit in my gifting budget and not be a felt gnome or fairy or my usual 2-6 year old selections.
And thanks to a friend's inspirational cupcakes posted on her FaceBook profile I came up with Jo-Jo's cupcake Kit. I still need to package it (aaargh by 2 this afternoon) but the idea is a box containing a variety of cupcake decorating materials like edible glitter, hundreds and thousands etc. Do those of you who have, or have had, eight year old girls in da house have any comments or suggestions?

Now just to navigate the socially accepted etiquette around allowing T2 to gatecrash the event and we should be good to go. I have just taken her with me to all T1's social engagements since she was a wee baba, but I'm sure she is approaching the age where she counts as an extra child rather than a cute little baby...


Alan said...

We often give activity kits as gifts. The kids seem to like them. Our kids love getting them (but they are a bit weird, like their dad). We do get some weird looks from parents who are not pleased with the mess potential of our gifts nor with the fact that they are obviously home made rather than the latest plastic super-thingy that they can instantly calculate the value of. This may have had an impact on the fact that we didn't get invited back the next year, but our two didn't seem to mind, and I thought "who needs them anyway!"

Enjoy the party. Give gifts you think your girls would love. Good luck with the social etiquette.

Fioleta said...

I'm so glad I'll have you to ask questions like that :-)

Hope it all went well and you all had fun.

Felt gnomes? You make felt gnomes?

Clive Dorer said...

Hey 'Loopy!

Cup cakes rock, as a Dad I wholly respect any efforts of my wives or daughters to experiment with baked domestic products. Yes. Definitely.
Seperately, I've been late in reading your blog - you write really well! Very easy to read with every other post have a thoughtful conclusion. Bruvva-inda-law C