Thursday, October 9, 2008

Learning to upload photos

I blog - therefore I am.

I have just worked out how to add photos, and see to my great relief that there is a spell check function.

Life is looking good here in blogdom.


Alan said...

Welcome to the blogoshere! It's a bit of a brave new world here. Can't wait to read about your adventures.

Alan said...

P.S. You are there for you blog! Don't forget it.

I'm also wondering how Barbee found you before I did?

Barbee' said...

So far, so good, Pen+Ink.

Ha! Alan! Gotcha! She's a good writer.

Pen+Ink, I've noticed that the spell check is there in FireFox, but in Internet Explorer it is not as user friendly, and requires my remembering (HA!) to click on the check-spelling button. So, I use FF for what I write (I like to see my mistakes as I go), but for Blotanical I use IE because the Pick Buttons do not show up in FF, therefore, you may run into that problem. Thought I would mention it in case you do. Really inconvenient. My routine in Blotanical is: use IE (check the 'remember me' button when you sign in and that makes it easier for us), after I find my way into the picks list that I want, I open a person's post, click on 'read in separate page'(or something like that), highlight and copy the url up in the address bar, paste it into FireFox, then close that second IE page. Then I am ready to read and comment. I don't do that for all of them, some posts I just read there, then click Pick Button (or not, depending on the content of the post), and then go back to the list. You will learn which ones you usually leave comments on. Also, I learned the hard way that once I clicked the Pick Button, the option to read in a separate page was no longer there. I have to click read in another page before I click the pick button.

Brigid said...

Hey Pen, welcome the the obsessive world of blogging.... let the adventure begin.....