Monday, February 8, 2010


Well, I have done it!
I won't go into the wherefores and how fores right now. I think I still need the dust to settle a little and the pain to abate somewhat. But I have resigned from what, two years ago, I thought was my dream job. I walk away a little older and a lot wiser as to the rules of engagement for grown-ups and the adult world.
I will dearly miss the beautiful little school that I got to give of my time and effort and love to. But most of all I will miss the children.
When I first was tasked with 'office first aid' as one of my roles at the school I thought it would be an irritating inconvenience. Ensuring frequent interruptions to my serious "real" work of filling in forms, shuffling bits of paper, attending meeting upon meeting and answering copious emails. But now at the end of my journey that is the responsibility that I carry closest to my heart. I know that anyone with half a brain can run a payroll, I am certain one needs even less grey matter to fill in government forms... but does the person on first aid duty appreciate that the sweaty, bloody, wide eyed, quivering child in front of them is someones baby?
I felt truly honoured that no matter what heinous politics was going on in the adult strata the children that I was responsible for taking care of would come to me in complete trust that with 3 drops of lavender oil, 1 drop of tea tree oil and a whole lotta love I could cure just about anything.

I wish that life were so simple.

As Margaret Atwood said once, somewhere, something to the effect of.... (can one quote like this?) There is freedom from and freedom to. I am now embracing the freedom to. And the list is exhilarating and endless. Although the freedom to do the dishes seems to predominate! But my girls are blooming having their mother at home to take care of them and I pray every day that I am able to find a way to keep it this way!